Financial Resources

Financial Aid—Grants, Work-Study, Scholarships, and Loans

Peninsula College participates in a variety of federal and state grants, work-study, and loan programs. These programs are designed to assist you in paying for your educational expenses. For more information, visit

There are four main ways to apply for financial assistance:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  • Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) (for Washington residents who cannot file the FAFSA)
  • Scholarships through the College and other institutions
  • Emergency grant funds for qualifying students 

All degree- and certificate-seeking students should file either the FAFSA, or if not eligible to file the FAFSA, the WASFA. Even if you believe you are not eligible for need-based funds, having filed the FAFSA (or WASFA) may make you eligible for certain emergency funds. Also, if you apply for aid, your financial situation and eligibility can be quickly re-evaluated if you experience significant changes in income. 

Eligibility for the following aid programs will be evaluated when you complete the financial aid application process:

  1. Federal Pell Grant
  2. Federal SEOG (Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant)
  3. Washington College Grant (formerly Washington State Need Grant)
  4. Opportunity Grant
  5. WA College Bound Scholarship
  6. WA Passport to Careers for Foster and Homeless Youth Program
  7. Peninsula College Grant
  8. Need-Based Tuition-Waiver
  9. Work-Study
  10. Federal Subsidized Direct Loan
  11. Federal Unsubsidized Direct Loan
  12. PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students)

The College seeks to provide students with as much grant money as possible, since grants do not have to be repaid. No student is ever required to take out loans, which must be repaid. For more information on financial aid funding, contact

  • Ethical commitment: Peninsula College does not and will not provide any commission, bonus, or other incentive payment based directly or indirectly on success in securing enrollments or financial aid to any persons or entities engaged in any student recruiting or admission activities or in making decisions regarding the award of student financial assistance. This ethical commitment shall not apply to the recruitment of foreign students residing in foreign countries who are not eligible to receive Federal student assistance.

Federal and State Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for financial aid, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a high school diploma or GED® certificate, be enrolled in an eligible pathway program, or meet Ability-To-Benefit guidelines
  2. Be admitted to the College
  3. Plan to complete a college degree or certificate at the College and enroll in required classes for that degree or certificate (note that not all certificates are eligible for financial aid funding)
  4. Be enrolled in at least six credits to be eligible for Direct Loan Program, Peninsula College Grant, Tuition Waiver, or Work-Study funds
  5. Demonstrate financial need for most types of financial aid, but not all
  6. Make satisfactory academic progress and meet minimum Pace of Progression requirements
  7. Not be in default on a student loan received at any college attended (affects only federal financial aid)
  8. Not owe a repayment of grant funds at any college attended (affects only federal financial aid)
  9. For federal aid, be a U.S. citizen, a permanent resident of the United States, or other eligible person (persons who do not meet these criteria but who are Washington residents should file the WASFA for state aid rather than the FAFSA)
  10. Submit your FAFSA or WASFA and turn in any required documents in a timely fashion by the College's published dates or as requested by the Financial Aid Office

For a comprehensive list of FAFSA eligibility requirements, go to

If you are a Washington resident who is not eligible to file the FAFSA, you may be able to file the WASFA to be considered for Washington state financial aid. Go to for more information. 


Information about scholarship opportunities is posted in the Financial Aid Office and at There are many other websites with scholarship information, though some of those sites are less precise than others. One of the free sites recommended by financial aid administrators in Washington is

Opportunity Grant

The Opportunity Grant can provide funding for tuition and fees, books, and supplies for qualified adults for up to 45 credits in selected programs. For more information and the application process, visit

Worker Retraining

If you have experienced a major change in your employment circumstances in the last 48 months, including becoming a displaced homemaker, undergoing military separation, or becoming unemployed, you may qualify for Worker Retraining funding. Worker Retraining applications are available on the College's website, or can be obtained by calling (360) 417-6263.

Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET)

The BFET Program can provide support and assistance with tuition, books, and other support services for eligible students in professional technical programs who are receiving Basic Food through the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS). For more information, contact the DSHS Programs Coordinator at (360) 417-6505 or call toll free (877) 452-9277, ext. 6505.


The WorkFirst program supports students who are current recipients of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program through the State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and who are taking classes to improve their work skills and increase their wage-earning capacity. For information and eligibility requirements, contact the DSHS Programs Coordinator at (360) 417-6351 or call toll-free (877) 452-9277, ext. 6351.