CUL 160: Pastry Orientation

Credits 2

This course prepares students for entry into the pastry courses. During this course the student will learn the trade terminology, an overview of the hospitality industry with special emphasis on pastry production, job opportunities, professional organizations, and selection and use of the tools of the trade. Orientation about the program and facility, metric and US measurement conversions and calculations will be covered. Demonstration of mixing skills will be observed.

  1. Students will learn how to use and differentiate various types of essential ingredients used in a professional bakeshop as well as appropriately selecting and using proper tools and equipment for any given recipe, project or task. 
  2. Comprehension of industry work-ethic expectations (how to work in a professional bakeshop/kitchen, i.e: the brigade system). Introduction to a culture of Gastronomy; the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food. Knowledge of the professional baking industry’s history as well as current gastronomic and industry trends.
  3. Ability to use standard industry terms and verbiage. Use of proper communication standards in a professional environment.
  4. Exhibit proper recipe quantity conversions. Demonstrate ability to convert from Standard to Metric measurements. Comprehension and use of Metric system of measurements. 
  5. Ability to use different types of scales accurately. Demonstrate production and organization of “mis en place” in a professional manner.