General Studies


GS 100: College Learning Skills

Credits 2
Introduces study techniques and principles, including learning styles, time management, resources, concept mapping, note taking, listening, memory, concentration, goal setting, and test preparation.

GS 103: Freshman Seminar

Credits 3

Academic course to improve success of first-year students. Stresses importance of academic learning while creating sense of belonging. Taught by faculty from a variety of disciplines. Examines factors known to improve likelihood of success among first-year students. Individuals participate in either group or individual service learning projects. (Elective)

GS 110: Cross-Cultural Communication

Credits 2

This course is designed to facilitate cross-cultural communication between domestic and international students. Students with different language and cultural backgrounds will meet in small groups or pairs on a weekly basis to discuss topics of interest and to enhance intercultural, interpersonal, intrapersonal understanding. In doing so, students will act as conversation and cultural mentors to each other. (Elective)

GS 121-126: Studium Generale

Credits 1 2

Series of programs from the Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Vocations, and Global Issues. This class will include students from multiple sections. (Elective)

GS 185-187: Student Leadership

Credits 2
Development of leadership skills and experiences through lecture, lab and group activities. Examines personal leadership styles, ethics, conflict resolution, communication and related topics.