Graduation and Commencement Requirements

Requirements for Graduation from Peninsula College


  • GPA requirements:
    • 2.0 or above cumulative GPA
      • The cumulative GPA will be calculated from college-level courses (numbered 100 or above)
  • Credit requirements:
    • 90 or more credits meeting requirements for a specific degree 
    • Credits required for a certificate are typically about half that of a degree, but vary depending on the program of study
  • Residency requirements (credits that must be taken at Peninsula College)
    • 30 credits or one third of the required credits for the degree or certificate, whichever is less
    • A specific program may require a capstone sequence, requiring more credits to be earned in residence
    • Credits earned through articulation agreements and advanced placements do not satisfy residency requirements
  • You must apply for your degree or certificate before you register for your last quarter of study: go to


  • GPA requirements:
    • 2.0 or above GPA
      • The GPA will be calculated from college-level courses required in the certificate

High School Completion
The minimum requirement for a high school diploma is that the final course must be completed at Peninsula College. 

Commencement is an annual ceremony to honor graduates and projected graduates with family, friends, faculty, and others present. Commencement does not confirm successful degree or certificate completion, rather it recognizes completion and projected completion in an upcoming term. 

The event is typically held each June. Individuals who will be within ten credits of completing graduation requirements by the end of a spring quarter may take part in commencement exercises for that spring, or they may elect to attend the next year's commencement.

Graduation Requirements Checklist
Current graduation checklists for degrees or certificates are available on the College website at or from the Student Services Office at or call (360) 417-6340.

The checklist lists the course requirements necessary to complete your degree or certificate. The graduation list you need to follow is set at the time of entry into your program of study. Checklists can change annually. 

If you need to leave the College for two or more quarters, you may be required to graduate under the newest checklist of requirements when you enroll again. Also, in some cases you may have an option to graduate under a newer checklist even if you have been enrolled continuously. At the point of graduation, you must meet all the requirements in a single checklist; you cannot "mix and match" requirements from different checklists. Consult with your advisor for more information.