H ED 215: Sexual Health and Society

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Exploration of sexuality from scientific and humanistic perspectives. Surveys sex research, female, intersex, male, and transgender sexual and reproductive anatomy and physiology. Examines sexual response, evidence-based healthy communication within relationships, sexual behavior patterns, love, and sexual orientations. Analyzes historical and cultural variations in gender and sexuality. The course provides a basis for more advanced study in the Health Professions. Colisted with SOC 215. (Formerly H ED 210, Elective)

  1. Analyze ways to practice sexual health and healthy communication in order to improve sexual and relational well-being through the exploration of research-based principles.
  2. Demonstrate the knowledge of sexual anatomy and physiology of bodies and sexual responses of women, intersex people, men and individuals who transition.
  3. Examine gender from the perspectives of health, psychology, history, culture, and society, and distinguish between sex, gender and sexual orientation as separate yet interconnected terms, discuss intersectionality, and implement ways to be better allies to people with minoritized gender and sexual identities.
  4. Describe the psychological influences that impact the sexual decision-making process as well as health and risk behaviors of individuals.
  5. Analyze health, historical, biological, social, psychological, and cultural contexts of diverse sexual practices in order to gain a better understanding of others’ consensual behaviors.