HED 180 : Health and Wellness

An introduction to personal health. Understanding drug and alcohol use, sexuality and reproductive issues, diseases, nutrition, diet and weight management, stress management, safety, and environmental concerns. Students will analyze their own attitudes, behaviors, and decisions that affect individual health and develop strategies for healthful living. (E)

Course Outcomes

  1. Explain the difference between health and wellness.
  2. Describe sources of stress and how to effectively manage those stressors.
  3. Define psychological health and disorders.
  4. Understand sexuality issues, including but not limited to anatomy and physiology, intimate relationships, communication, contraception, pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, and abortion.
  5. Explain why people use, abuse, and become addicted to tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs.
  6. State the importance of nutritional guidelines and a healthy diet, and make informed decisions about food choices.
  7. Describe the benefits of exercise and design an exercise program for yourself.
  8. Discuss body image and have an understanding of eating disorders.
  9. Explain the differences between communicable and noncommunicable diseases.
  10. List and describe the differences between the variety of health care professionals.
  11. Discuss how intentional and unintentional injuries can be prevented.
  12. Discuss the importance of environmental health and the impacts of climate change.
  13. Explain how health can be affected as people age.