HSEM 130: Technology in Emergency Management

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

This class provides a detailed overview of the technology used and applied in the field of emergency management. Students will learn how to utilize technology in emergency planning, response, recovery and mitigation efforts and they will identify key elements that must be in place for technology to enhance the emergency management process. Course overviews include using technology and data for hazard identification, analysis, and modeling. Types of warning systems such as reverse notification systems; direct and remote sensing systems, and geospatial technology. This class may include students from multiple sections.


2.0 or higher in HSEM 102 or concurrent enrollment

  1. Compare the range of technologies available and examine appropriateness for emergency management use.
  2. Utilize technology and access data.
  3. Identify legal, ethical, and social elements in the employment of a technology.
  4. Demonstrate a working level knowledge of developments in technology.
  5. Research the potential impact of new technologies on emergency management.