HSEM 121: Planning for Tribal Emergency Management

Credits 3
Quarter Offered

This course is designed to introduce current or future Tribal Emergency Management professionals to plans and the planning process. Emphasis will be placed on hazard and risk analysis and planning team development.  Other topics will include emergency management planning with non-tribal partners and communities, as well as a focus on planning for vulnerable populations including but not limited to tribal elders. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Define how plans and planning fit with the emergency management profession.
  2. Describe the components of an emergency management plan and principles that guide the planning process.
  3. Outline the elements of a Basic Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
  4. Develop a sample EOP for a tribal government.
  5. Prepare warning messages for vulnerable populations within a tribe (Ex. Tribal Elders).
  6. Identify federal planning mandates that should be examined and considered for tribal emergency management.