HSEM 157 : Public Information Officer

The course is designed to train participants for coordinating and disseminating information released during emergency operations and for assisting in the scheduling and coordination of news conferences and similar media events. After completing this course the student will have met the sections required for Public Information Officer as outlined by NFPA1035.

Course Outcomes

  1. List and describe characteristics and responsibilities that make an effective public information officer.
  2. Recognize and describe guidelines for department policies, which guide public information function.
  3. List and describe the characteristics for developing positive relations within the media.
  4. Discuss and explain the purpose of a media guide.
  5. Distinguish between a news release and media advisory component parts.
  6. Examine the Emergency Alert System (EAS).
  7. Discuss the basic guidelines on managing the media scene.
  8. Identify the basic guidelines to follow before and during an interview.
  9. Examine basic guidelines of understanding public speaking.
  10. List and describe the steps in preparing a news conference.
  11. Conduct an interview.
  12. Prepare a news release.
  13. Prepare a media advisory.