HSEM 220 : Developing and Managing Volunteer Resources

This course will focus on methods and procedures for involving private-sector organizations and volunteers in emergency management programs in ways which benefit both parties. The focus of the course is on maximizing the effectiveness of volunteer resources by implementing a people-oriented system that addresses defining volunteer roles, designing a plan of action, recruiting volunteers, training individuals who volunteer and motivation and maintenance of a successful program. Participants will acquire skills and knowledge to make appropriate volunteer assignments that enhance the effectiveness of an integrated emergency management system.


HSEM 102.

Course Outcomes

  1. Define volunteer and voluntary agency (VOLAG) and draw distinctions between the two.
  2. Determine whether your community’s needs are best met by developing a volunteer program or whether you should coordinate with VOLAGs—or both.
  3. Correlate the skills and knowledge required of volunteers in emergency management programs.
  4. Determine how volunteers can be used most beneficially in your program to meet your agency’s needs.
  5. Analyze the steps in developing a volunteer program
  6. Develop a volunteer job description.
  7. Outline strategies for recruiting, retaining, assigning, training, supervising, and evaluating volunteers.
  8. Recognize the key responsibilities of a VOLAG/CBO Coordinator.
  9. Analyze the role of VOAD in providing emergency assistance.
  10. Examine strategies for working with VOLAGs, CBOs, businesses, and other groups.
  11. Assess the needs/special issues with managing volunteers.