HOSP 150: Sustainable Tourism Policy and Planning

Overview of sustainable tourism policy and planning. Students will learn key concepts of tourism and the leisure industry including the development of tourism, tourism supply and demand, transport, accommodation, governance and sustainability in the tourism industry. Explore the future of regional, global, and heritage tourism. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Discuss the importance of tourism at a global scale and reasons for its growth.
  2. Distinguish between regional, global and heritage tourism.
  3. Describe the many drivers of change in the tourism sector over the next decade.
  4. Identify trends in consumer behavior related to the tourism industry such as travel-based learning and ecotourism.
  5. Analyze the interconnections between different elements of tourism including accommodation, transport, attractions and tourism services.
  6. Compare and contrast the significance of small and large businesses in the tourism sector.
  7. Develop a plan for managing the impact of tourism on communities and the environment.