HOSP 100: Introduction to Hospitality

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Explore the hospitality and tourism industry including lodging, restaurants, managed services, recreation, theme parks, clubs, and gaming entertainment; and assemblies. Learn universal service standards, customer service for guests and key elements of professional service delivery. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Describe the interrelated nature of hospitality and tourism and the characteristics of the hospitality industry.
  2. Implement universal service standards.
  3. Discuss success in service and describe appraise approaches to successful service.
  4. Draw organizational charts for various divisions of a hotel.
  5. Identify key areas and tasks for front and back of the house operations.
  6. Summarize the skills required for concierge services.
  7. Discuss the structure of management and operations for theme parks, attractions, cruises and clubs.
  8. Describe different positions within and various activities related to the gaming entertainment.