HOSP 230: Event Planning

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Overview of event planning, coordination and catering. Students will explore professional event coordination and develop a comprehensive event plan that focuses on guest experience. Learn catering operations including menu planning and design, pricing, equipment, and staffing. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Define the breadth of event types and opportunities for professional event coordination.
  2. Identify the food and beverage needs of the audience, participants, staff, and other stakeholders at an event.
  3. Develop a strategy for creating and coordinating a comprehensive event experience.
  4. Identify potential event sites and evaluate their suitability to select the best fit for an event.
  5. Organize efficient, effective, and safe waste control plans including strategies to ensure a sustainable event environment.
  6. Determine and procure suitable and effective collateral materials that will support the marketing strategies of an event.
  7. Identify the staging and equipment needs to facilitate the functional requirements of the event environment.
  8. Describe operational controls for catering including costing, presentation, pricing, production, purchasing and service.
  9. Develop and present an event plan.