IT 225: Windows Server and Windows Domains

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
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Academic Elective

This course introduces Windows Server operating systems through the implementation and administration of Windows Servers in a virtual Network environment. Topics include server roles and features, best practices in server configuration and administration, and server participation in a network environment. This course tracks to Microsoft’s MCSA Certification for Servers but does not cover all topics in those exams and is not designed to fully prepare students for certification. Recommended that students enter the course with some experience and prior knowledge of virtualization and the basics functions of operating systems. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)

  1. Design a Windows Domain.
  2. Discuss common Windows Server Roles and Features.
  3. Build a Windows Domain within Hyper-V.
  4. Construct an Active Directory Structure within a Windows Domain.
  5. Discuss security considerations in the context of a Windows Domain.
  6. Compare backup strategies for different Windows Server roles and workloads.