IT 287: Coding I - Coding with Python

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

An introduction to the Python programming language. Learn software development best practices while learning the main Python libraries and programming fundamentals. Class covers syntax, variables, strings, conditions, flow control structures loops, switches, classes, database connections, utilities, and frameworks. Class also covers data structures using sets, frozen sets, lists, arrays and dictionaries. No prior coding experience necessary. Course utilizes hands-on projects rooted in real-world problems and exercises. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Demonstrate the use of Python variables, expressions, and statements.
  2. Create and use functions, parameters, arguments, and recursion.
  3. Develop Python programs that use conditionals, Booleans, iteration, and looping.
  4. Describe and demonstrate the core concepts of object-oriented programming including classes and inheritance.