IELS 081 : Intensive English-Basic Level-Reading

This course is for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English. The course will focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary development at the low- intermediate level. This class will include students from multiple sections.


On-campus assessment in all skill areas. Non-transferable.

Course Outcomes

  1. Use a monolingual learner dictionary to identify word stress, word form, and word.
  2. Develop vocabulary knowledge through identifying common stems and affixes, word form and word families.
  3. Apply knowledge of grammar, punctuation, word parts and context clues to make guesses of target vocabulary of basic- level reading passages.
  4. Apply pre-reading strategies to activate schemata and predict content of basic texts.
  5. Identify topic sentences and main ideas and sequence of events in basic ESL texts.
  6. Identify transition signals to determine patterns of organization in basic ESL texts.
  7. Compose a controlled summary of 3-5 sentences which states the topic and main ideas from a short basic level ESL reading paragraph.
  8. Identify the setting, main events, climax and resolution of ESL readers at the basic level.
  9. Compose a controlled summary of the text in writing.
  10. Respond verbally and in writing, to basic level texts by drawing connections between personal experiences and/or world knowledge to the assigned text.