IELS 084 : Intensive English-Intermediate Level-Reading

This course is for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English. The course will focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary development at the intermediate level. This course is for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English. This class will include students from multiple sections.


On-campus assessment in all skill areas or successful completion of IELS 081. Non- transferable.

Course Outcomes

  1. Use a monolingual learner dictionary to determine pronunciation, word form, and word meaning.
  2. Develop vocabulary knowledge through basic knowledge of stems/affixes, synonyms, word families.
  3. Apply knowledge of grammar, punctuation, word parts and context clues to make informed guesses of target vocabulary of intermediate level reading passages.
  4. Apply pre-reading strategies to activate schemata and predict content of intermediate texts.
  5. Identify topic sentences and main ideas; discern major from minor details in intermediate-level texts.
  6. Identify transition signals to determine patterns of organization in intermediate ESL textbooks.
  7. Compose a guided summary of 8-12 sentences which paraphrases the topic sentence, main ideas, and major details from a short, intermediate level ESL academic reading paragraph.
  8. Identify the setting, main events, climax and resolution of intermediate fictional texts.
  9. Compose a simple summary and critique of intermediate fictional texts.
  10. Respond thoughtfully, verbally and in writing, to intermediate level texts by drawing connections between personal experiences and/or world knowledge to the assigned texts.