IELS 85: Intensive English-Intermediate Level-Writing

This course is for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English. The course will focus on writing and grammar skills at the intermediate level. This class will include students from multiple sections.


On-campus assessment in all skill areas or successful completion of IELS 82. Non- transferable.

  1. Apply pre-writing techniques (such as free-writing, listing, clustering, outlining) to generate ideas.
  2. Write about topics related to personal and academic interests with intermediate fluency and control.
  3. Limit topics using logical subdivisions.
  4. Write topic sentences with a specific topic and controlling idea.
  5. Compose organized and developed paragraphs.
  6. Utilize cohesive devices appropriately.
  7. Compose a relevant title.
  8. Utilize sentence variety (simple, compound, and complex) in paragraph writing.
  9. Demonstrate control of basic sentence structure.
  10. Demonstrate control over intermediate grammatical structures and vocabulary.
  11. Utilize appropriate punctuation to indicate sentence boundaries.
  12. Apply guided peer, self-revision and editing strategies to improve earlier drafts.
  13. Understand concepts of intellectual property and academic honesty.
  14. Recognize plagiarism and how to avoid it.
  15. Use standard writing and formatting conventions (punctuation, capitalization, margins, indentation, and typing).