IELS 87: Intensive English-High Intermediate Level-Read

This course is for non-native English speakers who wish to improve their English. The course will focus on academic reading and vocabulary skills at the high-intermediate level.


On-campus assessment in all skill areas or successful completion of IELS 84. Non- transferable.

  1. Competently and independently use a monolingual learner dictionary.
  2. Develop vocabulary knowledge through intermediate knowledge of stems/affixes, synonyms, word families.
  3. Apply knowledge of grammar, punctuation, word parts and context clues to make informed guesses of target vocabulary of academic texts.
  4. Apply pre- and during reading strategies to a variety of academic texts.
  5. Identify and articulate main ideas, both stated and inferred, and important details in academic, journalistic, and literary prose at the high-intermediate level.
  6. Annotate effectively for active reading and increased comprehension and retention.
  7. Identify transition signals and cohesive devices to identify patterns of organization and important ideas.
  8. Distinguish fact from opinion in level-appropriate texts.
  9. Compose a summary of high-intermediate level text in which the main ideas and major details are accurately paraphrased.
  10. Identify the setting, main events, climax, resolution and theme of high-intermediate level fictional texts.
  11. Summarize and critique high-intermediate-level fictional texts using textual support.
  12. Respond thoughtfully and critically, verbally and in writing, to high-intermediate texts by drawing connections between personal experiences, world knowledge and/or other readings to the assigned text.