Learning Assistance

The Learning Center
Tutoring and learning assistance is open to students at all levels and abilities working on projects for any class, including online courses, in any discipline. The Math Center is on the first floor of Maier Hall (Building E). The Writing Center and Tutoring Services, located in the Library (Building B), offer free writing, research, and tutoring support. A computer lab and computer support (including help with online classes) are also available in the Library. The Extension sites in Port Townsend and Forks have their own Learning Centers that include these support services.  Learning Center supports are also available online.

The following types of tutoring are available:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring
  • Writing response/evaluation
  • E-Tutoring (online tutoring assistance)
  • Math assistance and computer help also are available in the math and computer labs.

Writing Center
At the Writing Center students can make individual appointments for writing help or use the lab’s computers to work on essays and research. The Writing Center is open weekdays to all students engaged in writing projects in any discipline. Students sign up for 30 or 60-minute response sessions. During these sessions, responders will discuss the paper’s strengths and weaknesses, focusing first on larger issues such as clarifying ideas, developing and supporting those ideas, structuring them for readability and coherence, and using correct grammar and punctuation. The center can also help students understand an assignment’s expectations and generate ideas before they begin their writing.

The computers in the Writing Center are also open to students who would like a place to work independently on research and writing assignments. The computers have Microsoft Office and internet access, and a number of writing handbooks are available. Students also have access to a printer, and the Library’s study rooms and research help is just outside the door.

Math Center
The Math Center is a drop-in tutoring center for math students. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program office hours are also sometimes held in the Math Center. 

Computer Lab
The Computer Lab in the Library is available for students working on computer-based classes or for general use in any course. Support for student computer work and online learning are available in the Lab through the Library front desk.