MAKAH 121: Introduction to the Makah Language

Credits 5

Introduction to the Makah Language is a beginning course in Makah focusing on the Makah Alphabet, pronunciation and accent.  Useful phrases, expressions and dialogues at a beginner present tense level will be used.  Vocabulary with specific Makah cultural context in balance with modern life situations will make for applicable language use.  This class may include students from multiple sections. 

MAKAH 122: Makah Language II

Credits 5

Builds from the Introduction to Makah Language (MAKAH 121) foundation where speech was patterned in the moment. MAKAH 122 incorporates the past tense including functional words to slightly increase speech using words like but not limited to and, or, but, this, that, with, also. Furthermore, the use of past tense scenarios from select Makah historic incidents and traditional story examples will be used to enable learners to apply past tense to share stories from their own lives in Makah. This class may include students from multiple sections.  

MAKAH 123: Makah Language III

Credits 5

Builds grammatically to future tense constructions. Target vocabulary expands to include the five senses and lead words like auxiliary verbs, size, degrees, adjectives, question words, location and emotion. Common phrases to express opinion, thought and planning will be used to help speakers express themselves in the language.  This class may include students from multiple sections. (Humanities)