MTEC 101: Outboard Motor Repair and Maintenance

Credits 7
Quarter Offered

Learn how to maintain and install outboard motors, rig new boats, select propellers, and repair two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Class includes hands-on routine maintenance and how to troubleshoot, diagnose, prepare estimates for outboard engine repair. Basic trailer repair and maintenance included. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Repair, maintain, repower, and install outboard engines
  2. Demonstrate outboard engine safety protocols
  3. Select and test appropriate propeller for a given vessel
  4. Apply basic electronics to the installation of an outboard engine
  5. Apply rigging skills to connect outboard engine to boat systems such as steering, throttle, shift, and communication systems
  6. Prepare cost estimates for outboard motor repair and installation
  7. Maintain and repair a boat trailer