MTEC 102: Marine Electronics

Credits 8
Quarter Offered

Introduction to basic electrical theory and marine electronics, repair, safety, rigging, and corrosion prevention. Learn how to read and interpret wiring diagrams. Includes Ohm’s law, cable installation, volt systems, and standards for wiring, battery installation and testing, inverters, AC and DC circuit installation and troubleshooting boat equipment and systems. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Maintain, repair, test and install electrical controls and components involved with various main propulsion and power generation units and auxiliary systems
  2. Demonstrate the use of blueprints and schematics to layout wire ways, install cable trays and install hangers
  3. Select appropriate rigging systems for inboard and outboard engines
  4. Connect batteries, marine lighting, digital controls, power distribution and shore power systems
  5. Install marine network, navigation, and electronic control systems
  6. Develop a marine corrosion prevention plan