MTEC 103: Marine Systems

Credits 8
Quarter Offered

Marine systems safety, maintenance and repair of shipboard mechanical systems. Includes propulsion and motor power principles, engines, propellers, steering systems, controls, instruments, and accessories. Students will learn hands-on routine maintenance and how to troubleshoot and service marine mechanical systems, plumbing, pumps, and rigging. Includes the proper methods of installation, safety, testing, trouble shooting, diagnostics and repair of marine mechanical equipment. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Identify and install instruments, accessories, and control systems on a marine vessel
  2. Troubleshoot systems quickly and accurately and recommend appropriate course of action
  3. Test newly installed equipment for proper operations
  4. Upgrade existing systems and make adjustments to maximize performance
  5. Demonstrate use of proper safety protocols to recognize unsafe situations that may occur
  6. Identify proper safety precautions and determine appropriate protective equipment