MTEC 104: Marine Finishing

Credits 6
Quarter Offered

Hands on class teaches students how to install interior components of an aluminum boat. Learn the causes of corrosion in the marine environment and methods of corrosion control and prevention. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Properly install interior components, apply coatings, and perform detailing to manufacture vessels to appropriate specifications
  2. Demonstrate the use of carpentry tools to construct and install interior joinery and cabinetry
  3. Apply vessel coatings such as interior/bottom paint, non-skid, clear coat, and vinyl
  4. Properly install interior components such as seats/cushions, insulation, trim, paneling, flooring, and windows
  5. Properly install vessel accessories and hardware
  6. Apply appropriate marine coatings for corrosion prevention
  7. Properly install insulation, wall panels, seating, and marine deck systems