MTEC 105: Fiberglass and Composites

Credits 6
Quarter Offered

Prepare and use resin fiberglass panels and molds to produce and bond together marine components for vessel assembly. Class includes repair and finishing of resin surfaces. Prepare exterior surfaces of boats for priming and painting. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Measure and cut materials to the required dimensions using hand and/or power tools
  2. Mix resin and catalyst in proper proportions and apply by hand or with spray tool
  3. Clean, wax and prepare molds for use
  4. Grind fiberglass and paint finished surfaces
  5. Demonstrate the use of techniques such as hand sanding, sanding blocks, long boarding, orbital sanders and other techniques to prepare surfaces for priming and painting
  6. Apply and work with putties, fiberglass, panels, and components to prepare for assembly