MATH 106: Math for Elementary Teachers I

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Winter (even year)
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Designed for future K-6 teachers. Focus is on mathematical concepts, including counting, number sense, operations, algorithms, fractions, ratio, and proportion. Method topics include teaching strategies, assessment methods, and processes of doing mathematics as related to elementary mathematics. This course does not fulfill the quantitative skills requirement for the AA-DTA degree. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)

  1. Understand and apply foundations of current pedagogical theories of the learning mathematics by elementary students, particularly with respect to the mathematical concepts in the K-8 curriculum.
  2. Analyze, understand, and apply the four fundamental operations of arithmetic.
  3. Analyze, understand, and apply number theory, including divisibility and factorization.
  4. Analyze, understand, and extend the number system to include fractions and rational numbers, decimals, exponents, and real numbers.