MATH 63/64: Introduction to Algebra

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Fundamentals of arithmetic using integers, fractions, decimals, exponents, and square roots; solving basic linear equations; solving problems using percents, proportions, and basic geometry. This class may include students from multiple sections.


Placement exam

  1. Recognize the difference between a variable and a constant.
  2. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers.
  3. Follow the order of operations.
  4. Evaluate algebraic expressions given values for the variables.
  5. Translate English statements into algebraic statements.
  6. Add, subtract, multiply, divide, and simplify fractions.
  7. Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimal numbers.
  8. Solve linear equations.
  9. Use the rules of exponents.
  10. Solve problems involving percent.
  11. Solve proportions.
  12. Apply and extend concepts to various problems.