MEDIA 114: Audio and Lighting Technology

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Learn technical and artistic sound recording and lighting for theater and live stage performances. Students will explore theories, techniques, and equipment for stage lighting and audio production. Students will learn how to use lighting and sound systems and consoles and apply theories of light and sound in a final project. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Use electrical lighting and sound systems for theater and stage.
  2. Explore the nature of light, perception, and color for stage lighting with lamps, luminaries, and controls/dimming.
  3. Hang and focus lighting instruments.
  4. Develop and use lighting tools to design a lighting plan for a live performance.
  5. Operate sound and lighting consoles.
  6. Set up a basic sound system for events.
  7. Apply theories of lighting and sound design in a final project.