MEDIA 235: Multimedia Production for Performances

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Project based class teaches students how to create visual effects that enhance live performances through video, projection mapping, sequencing, lighting, music, and imagery. Apply special effects, best practices, and real-world considerations of integrating digital media and projections for theater, concerts, or live performances. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Integrate digital media into a theatrical team and performance.
  2. Apply professional digital media/projection designer's workflow from analyzing a script to creating content and live production.
  3. Integrate digital content from still images, video, animation, effects, and art in a multimedia projection.
  4. Use industry equipment, such as media servers, projectors, projection surfaces, emissive displays, cameras, and sensors in multimedia production.
  5. Apply technical effects such as converging, warping, blending projectors, calculating surface brightness/luminance, screen size, throw distance.
  6. Use masks, warping content, projection mapping, and cue sequencing in a multimedia projection design.