MEDIA 215: Digital Video Projects

Learn advanced digital video production, editing, filming, and lighting in field situations. Explore multiple documentary genres, community outreach, video logging, and video podcasting. Work in teams to produce and edit video documentary shorts that capture a story to achieve informational or emotional ends. Basic digital video editing skills recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Research, propose, plan, organize, film, edit, and evaluate the full production of digital video interviews, public service announcements, original story, and documentary digital video projects.
  2. Identify audience, purpose, and perspective of public service announcements.
  3. Collaborate to create a mini documentary and determine the documentary theme, audience, and goals.
  4. Control lighting effects, camera movement, and production effects during filming, as well as, apply advanced video editing techniques.
  5. Create and contribute to a video blog portfolio on the internet and market video projects.