MEDIA 226: Digital Art and Generative AI

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

In this course, discover how to imagine, compose and create meaningful digital art with the use of a narrative. Learn how to develop concept-based compositions from start to finish and convey ideas through lines, colors, and textures. Learn to create and execute an artistic concept born of your own imagination. Design artwork using AI prompts enhanced with digital editing. Explore the intersection where AI program art and digital painting are combined to create a composite of artwork rich in detail and texture. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Conceptualize, design and compose digital artwork
  2. Demonstrate the ability to transform narratives into digital art using lines, layers, colors and light
  3. Combine digital art and AI generated graphics to create illustrations that visually communicate a story
  4. Apply digital illustration creative process for visual storytelling, from the initial idea to the final composition
  5. Create digital artwork that communicates ideas and artistic style