NATR 135: Invasive Plant ID Prevention and Control

Credits 2 Lecture hours per quarter 22
Quarter Offered

Invasive plants are capable of altering habitats and causing extinction of native plants and animals. This class includes invasive plant identification and methods to control and prevent invasive species in Washington State. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Identify a minimum of 20 of the most common and problematic invasive plants in WA State using a dichotomous key or recognizable identifying characteristics.
  2. Explain the ecological and economic impacts of invasive plants in the PNW.
  3. Diagram the vectors and pathways of invasions for specific landscapes.
  4. Distinguish between the various programs and agencies that address both noxious plants and invasive and non-native plants and describe their various missions.
  5. Describe current best-practice techniques for removal, control, and prevention of non-native plants.