Non-Degree Enrollments

Peninsula College welcomes non-degree-seeking students; any person wishing to enroll at Peninsula College must submit an application. Applications may be submitted as described in this catalog.

Peninsula College may enroll a student who:

  • Is competent to profit from the curricular offering of the College.
  • Would not, by presence or conduct, create a disruptive atmosphere within the College inconsistent with the purposes of the institution.
  • Is 18 years of age or older, or who:
    • is aged 16 years or older and meets the provisions of Title II of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. Individuals admitted in these classes will be allowed to continue as long as they demonstrate, through academic progress, an ability to benefit; or
    • is enrolled in a Peninsula College-sponsored youth program; or
    • is enrolled in a basic education or noncredit class with approval from the appropriate dean; or
    • has completed the College's underage enrollment process with appropriate administrator approvals.

We may accept students who are under age 18 who are approved on exception by the admissions area. Those who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent will be enrolled only as non-degree and non-certificate-seeking students. Enrolling as an underage student does not constitute full admission to the College or any program of study and does not assure registration in future quarters. Also, it is not the College’s intent to replace or duplicate the functions of the local public schools.

The authority to make underage enrollment exceptions resides with the Vice President for Student Services or designee(s). Students must supply all required documentation for approval to be considered. Contact the Student Services Office at (360) 417-6340 for more information.