NURS 101: Nursing I

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Nursing 101 introduces concepts and theories basic to the art and science of the nursing role. Provides an introduction to holistic assessment and care management, evidence based clinical decision making, concepts of caring, safety, patient teaching, collaboration, therapeutic communication, and professionalism. This class may include students from multiple sections.


Nursing Program Admittance

  1. Identify relevant and abnormal data from a physical assessment.
  2. Identify the principles of evidence based practice and research application.
  3. Identify concepts of caring.
  4. Identify principles of safety in patient care.
  5. Identify teaching interventions in the context a nursing care plan.
  6. Describe elements of the nursing process.
  7. With assistance, develops a concept map and nursing care plan.
  8. Identify members of the the healthcare team.
  9. Identify communication techniques in the professional relationship.
  10. Identify historical and contemporary issues influencing the development of professional nursing practice.