NURS 102: Nursing II - Theory

Credits 6
Quarter Offered

Nursing 102 is a nursing theory course with a focus on chronic illness. Chronic alterations in health are considered in the context of holistic assessment and care management, pharmacology, evidence based clinical decision making, concepts of caring, safety, patient teaching, collaboration, therapeutic communication, and professionalism. This class may include students from multiple sections. 


Nursing Program Admittance

  1. Identify relevant and abnormal data in the assessment of chronically ill patient.
  2. Identify evidence based information to make clinical judgments and management decisions to ensure accurate and safe care for chronically ill clients.
  3. Apply caring concepts when providing care to patients with chronic alterations in health.
  4. Applying principles of safety, correlate the performance of nursing care with desired physiologic and psychologic outcomes in the chronically ill patient.
  5. Apply principles of patient teaching in the context of chronic illness.
  6. Apply the nursing process in the context of the chronic illness.
  7. Apply principles of collaborative decision making in the context of chronic illness.
  8. Identify appropriate communication to achieve positive client outcomes in the context of chronic illness.