NURS 111: Fundamental Clinical Nursing Skills

Credits 2
Quarter Offered

Nursing 111 is a basic nursing skills lab course. Students demonstrate basic nursing skills using principles of holistic assessment, evidence based standards of practice, caring, safety, patient teaching, organizing and managing care, collaboration, therapeutic communication, and professionalism. This class may include students from multiple sections. Requires admission to the nursing program.


Nursing Program Admittance

  1. Perform a basic physical and cognitive assessment in the skills lab setting.
  2. Identify evidence-based information and accepted standards of practice related to the performance of basic nursing skills.
  3. Identify aspects of holistic caring behavior as it relates to the performance of basic nursing skills.
  4. Adhere to principles of safety when performing basic nursing skills.
  5. Identify areas of patient teaching related to basic nursing skills.
  6. Demonstrate self organization in the performance of basic nursing skills.
  7. Work collaboratively with other students in the skills and simulation lab.
  8. Identify non-therapeutic and therapeutic communication skills.
  9. Demonstrate professional behavior in the skills lab and simulation lab.