Our Mission, Core Themes, and Guiding Principles

Peninsula College educates diverse populations of learners through community-engaged programs and services that advance student equity and success.

Statement of Mission
Peninsula College Board of Trustees, August 2019

Core Themes
Advancing Student Success
Support students in achieving their educational goals

Achieving Academic Excellence
Provide engaging, high quality academic and professional-technical programs

Fostering Equity and Inclusion
Eliminate systemic disparities in educational outcomes

Strengthening Communities
Strengthens the economic and cultural vitality of its service region and beyond

Guiding Principles
The college community is guided by the following principles:

The teaching/learning process is at the center of the mission of Peninsula College.
Members of the campus community will treat each other with mutual respect and dignity.
Members of the campus community will be open and honest in their communications.
Members of the campus community will promote a positive work environment and avoid adversarial relationships.
Each member of the campus community will act ethically and with integrity.
The campus will engage in collaborative decision-making processes.