LEGAL 220: Real Estate law

Credits 5
Quarter Offered

Learn the role of today's real estate paralegal and examine real estate law and transactions. Topics include contemporary real estate law and legal principles that use practical application, case example, and the latest real estate legal forms. Examine all areas of transactional real estate-from contracts and brokerage relationships to surveys, title insurance, taxation and real estate finance related to residential and commercial processes in the United States. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Introduce the key concepts and practical principles of real estate law.
  2. Summarize the issues a paralegal will experience in dealing with concurrent ownership.
  3. Describe the types of surveys and how they are prepared.
  4. Describe the objectives and process for the zoning of private real property.
  5. Describe the various types of easements and their uses.
  6. Explain the requirements of a valid real estate contract.
  7. Describe the basic terms of a real estate contract.
  8. Write and complete the sections of a deed.
  9. Identify the various sources of mortgage loans.
  10. Summarize the role of a paralegal in the preparation of mortgage loan documents.
  11. Identify the differences among condominium ownership, cooperative ownership, and leases.