MED 127: Advanced Phlebotomy with Externship/Capstone

Credits 10
Quarter Offered

This course is the final of three phlebotomy courses and includes a clinical externship and a capstone/job readiness component. Students will perform their clinical skills under supervision in the lab, at a contracted practicum site, and will perform the minimum number and type of blood withdrawal procedures required to earn eligibility for their Phlebotomy Technician Certification through the National Center for Competency Testing. Students will complete a capstone project to ensure their readiness to enter the workforce. This class may include students from multiple sections.


Phlebotomy Program Admittance; MED 126 with a 2.0 or higher

  1. Comply with laws and standards governing specimen collection as related to reliability and accuracy in lab testing.
  2. Select appropriate equipment for the test ordered and type of patient.
  3. Review and clarify orders and identify patients according to regulatory standards.
  4. Recognize commonly ordered tests and the tubes needed for collection.
  5. Perform appropriate post-test patient care.
  6. Report results and critical values for point of care procedures.
  7. Develop professional portfolio, including resume, cover letter, reference list, and letters of reference.
  8. Complete a clinical externship, earning a minimum of 100 hours of patient care experience in the lab.
  9. Participate in practice sessions to prepare for the national credentialing exam and job interviews.
  10. Apply for MA-P credential.