Degrees and Certificates


PSYC& 100: General Psychology

Credits 5

Introduction to science of behavior. Emphasis on biological foundations of behavior, cognition, learning, intelligence, motivation, memory, personality, and psychological disorders. This class will include students from multiple sections. (Social Science)

PSYC& 200: Lifespan Psychology

Credits 5

Scientific study of human growth, development, and change throughout life cycle. Physical, cognitive, social, personality, and other aspects of the individual examined through successive stages, from prenatal development until death. (Elective)

PSYC& 220: Abnormal Psychology

Credits 5

Applies principles of science to study of abnormal behavior. Develop broad understanding of origin, characteristics, and classification of mental disorders from perspectives of psychological theory and research. Introduction to applied areas of diagnosis and assessment incorporated. This class will include students from multiple sections. (Elective)

PSYC 205: Human Growth and Development

Credits 5

Survey of human development, focusing on sequences and concepts of physiological, cognitive, social, and emotional development from conception through adolescence. (Elective)

PSYC 210: Cognitive Psychology

Credits 5

Cognitive Psychology explores the mind and brain as information processing systems. We will explore how the brain and mind are designed to collect and interpret data from the environment and then use that data to perceive the world, create memories, make decisions, plan actions, and act in the environment in such a way as to accomplish a required goal. This course explores the cognitive approach to psychology as it studies the topics of memory, attention, perception, problem solving, decision making, and language, among others. (Elective)

PSYC 250: Social Psychology

Credits 5

Study of impact of social situations on individual thought processes, emotions, and behavior. Experimental investigation of interpersonal attraction, attitude formation, conformity, aggression, social perception, helping behavior, and prejudice. (Elective)

PSYC 265: Special Topics in Psychology

Credits 1 3

This course fulfills the missing credit from transferring semester credits to quarter credits for prerequisite coursework for the Nursing DTA only.

PSYC 294: Research Topics in Psychology

Credits 1 2

Students will engage in guided individual study of original, seminal psychology sources and will submit formal written summary and analysis paper (or papers) as primary assessment of learning outcome at terminus of academic quarter. They will meet weekly with course instructor to monitor progress and discuss theoretical principles being covered in their research. (Elective)