Registration Changes

Peninsula College requires all students to register for classes by the second day of each quarter. Changes to your courses (adding or dropping) should therefore be made before the start of the quarter. Course changes can be made on the College website at through ctcLink or by filling out the student add/drop form. The forms are available online or through the Student Services Office.

Withdrawal from Courses
You may withdraw from courses by the end of the eighth week of the fall, winter, or spring quarter, or by the last instructional day of a summer term. For regularly scheduled classes that run a full quarter, if a class is dropped during the first two weeks, no grade will appear on your transcript. 

If you drop a course after the first two weeks of a quarter, but by the end of the eighth week, a grade of W, which does not affect your grade point average, will be entered on your transcript. Individuals who drop classes after the first two weeks must contact Pirate Central at or calling (360) 417-6340 to officially withdraw and receive a W grade. 

If you need to withdraw from a class after the eighth-week deadline of a quarter due to circumstances beyond your control, you may request an administrative withdrawal using the online form on the website. 

Informing the instructor that you are dropping the class does not create an official withdrawal.

If you receive any form of financial assistance for attending college, talk to the office or agency that is handling the funding before you drop any classes. Doing so will help you avoid situations where you might have to repay funds you received, since dropping classes might change your eligibility. 

Refund of Tuition and Course Fees
A full refund of tuition and course fees will be made to a student who:

  • Withdraws from a credit course prior to the sixth instructional day of the quarter for which registration and course fees were applied
  • Withdraws prior to the first seminar or class session of self-support courses
  • Is enrolled in any class canceled by the College

Fifty percent of tuition only (not fees) will be refunded to a student who withdraws from the College on or after the sixth day of instruction, but within twenty calendar days including the first scheduled day of the quarter.

Note: The refund policy may differ for condensed quarters, Summer quarters, and early or late starting classes. Contact the Student Services Office at or (360) 417-6340 for more information.

Student attendance and participation is crucial to academic success.

At the beginning of a quarter, to accommodate students waiting for space to register for a course, instructors may initiate a withdrawal for nonattendance. A student who fails to attend at least 50% of a face-to-face class or fails to log in for at least 50% of online class activity during the first week of the quarter may be administratively withdrawn from the course by the instructor notifying the Student Services Office. However, students should not count on instructors dropping them for nonattendance: students who are not attending are responsible for dropping themselves. 

Students who plan to remain enrolled but have attendance difficulties during the first week of the quarter should contact their instructors immediately to avoid being dropped for nonattendance. 

At the end of a quarter, the instructor has the option to assign a V grade to a student who stopped attending or failed to attend class. When a V grade is issued, no grade points are calculated, the grade is not computed in the student’s GPA, and no credits are earned. Again, students must not assume the instructor will assign a V grade. Students are responsible for dropping themselves.