Requirements to Attend

All degree-seeking or certificate-seeking students must submit an application to the College. Peninsula College operates under an open door admissions policy and shall accept for admission any applicant who:

1. Is competent to profit from the curricular offering of the college; and

2. Would not, by presence or conduct, create a disruptive atmosphere within the College inconsistent with the purposes of the institution; and

3. Is eighteen years of age or older, or:

  • a. is a high school graduate, or equivalent
  • b. has applied for admission under the provisions of a student enrollment options program, such as Running Start, a successor program, or other local enrollment options programs.

Additional restricted admissions criteria shall apply to those applicants under the age of 18. All incoming degree seeking students must be evaluated for English and mathematics achievement except:

  • a. Students who have completed multiple courses of college-level work at a regionally accredited institution of higher education, including English and math with a GPA of at least 2.00, or
  • b. Students who have an approved placement reciprocity through another Washington State Community or Technical College, or
  • c. Students who are pursuing short-term certificates that do not require Math or English prerequisites.

All incoming degree seeking students must be evaluated for English and mathematics course placement prior to course registration. This evaluation may be completed through multiple measures. A complete list of options can be obtained from the Assessment and Placement Center.

The college reserves the right to deny individuals entrance to specific programs if they do not meet established achievement level requirements.

Admission to Peninsula College does not guarantee admission into all courses or all professional and technical education programs. You should consult this catalog for any specific admission requirements in your major field.