Your transcript is the official record of grades and credits earned in courses during the quarters you have been enrolled. You send official transcripts to give your record to other schools, employers, and so forth. An official transcript is signed by a certified school official, either with the College seal placed over the signature, or by use of an acceptable electronic means of confirming a transcript is the official record from the College.

Your transcript is not released without a request from you, or in rare cases, upon receipt of a legal order. A fee is charged for official transcripts. 

Official transcripts are ordered through the College's online self-services at National Student Clearinghouse, which can be accessed via the College website, Contact the Student Services Office at or call (360) 417-6340 for more information. 

Unofficial transcripts are also available on the College website at Students should check their transcripts after each quarter's grades are posted to ensure accuracy. Report any discrepancies to the Student Services Office.