AOS 170: Business Communications

Credits 5 Lecture hours per quarter 55
Quarter Offered

Apply writing skills to a variety of technical and business applications. Exercises and activities introduce the latest business communication practices. Digital coverage of social media and communication; self-recorded videos demonstrate student verbal communication skills. Touch keyboarding skills is recommended. This class may include students from multiple sections.

  1. Develop or improve the ability to use clear, concise, and grammatically correct language.
  2. Use appropriate formats in business writing.
  3. Plan, organize, and revise business messages.
  4. Write short workplace messages such as email, memos, messaging, blogs, and social networking.
  5. Format and create a writing plan for common business letters (positive, persuasive, direct claims, complaints, and adjustments).
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of report writing styles, formatting, purpose, and strategies.
  7. Develop job search strategies and write employment documents.
  8. Identify the types of job interviews, questioning strategies, and follow-up.