ANTH& 100: Survey of Anthropology

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Fall (even year)
Distribution List
Social Sciences,
Academic Elective

Introduction for nonmajors to study of humans as biological and cultural beings. Includes surveys of archaeology and physical, cultural, and linguistic anthropology to examine human biological and cultural evolution, culture, and cultural systems. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Social Sciences, Elective)


Eligibility for or completion of ENGL& 101

  1. What is anthropology?  Lectures and readings will survey the four fields of anthropology: physical anthropology, ethnology, archaeology, and linguistic anthropology. 
  2. What do anthropologists do?  Anthropologists will be discussed as social scientists--their methods, areas of interest or study, and how they gather data;  
  3. What is the theoretical basis of anthropology as a social science?  An understanding of the concept of culture will be developed, including its nature, dynamics, and how it can be used to understand humankind, wherever and whenever it has been encountered;
  4. What kind of information do anthropologists use and produce?  A body of factual information about selected cultures around the world and throughout human history will be developed in the class.