ANTH 275: Archaeology Field School (Irchester)

Credits 5
Quarter Offered
Distribution List
Academic Elective

Students will participate in a two-week archaeological field school facilitated by the University of Leicester, at the Romano-British site of Irchester in the United Kingdom. During which time students will develop a variety of hands-on techniques, including but not limited to excavation, recording, and post-excavation analysis. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)


  1. Explain the key characteristics of modern methodological excavation techniques.
  2. Demonstrate common collection and recording/documentation practices.
  3. Demonstrate and practice workplace safety in and around archaeological sites.
  4. Examine ethical and legal issues concerning the excavation of artifacts and/or human remains.
  5. Demonstrate familiarization with various forms of material cultural common to Romano-British sites.
  6. Define terms, phrases, and abbreviations commonly used by professonial archaeologists.
  7. Demonstrate proper use of common archaeological tools and instruments such as shovel, spade, trowel, measuring tape, auto-level, and total station.