BIOL 250: Introduction to SCOPE Capstone Project

Credits 2
Quarter Offered
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Academic Elective

SCOPE capstone projects are opportunities for you to actively partake in an authentic undergraduate research experience that explores some aspect of the science and culture of the Olympic Peninsula. This course begins by examining a variety of undergraduate research experiences (or REUs) in regional natural and cultural resources as a way of exploring topics for student capstones. By the end of this course, students will have selected a project topic and developed a capstone proposal with a realistic scope and timeline. Capstone projects continue for 3 quarters and allow in-depth exploration. Recommended that this course be taken concurrently with BIOL 299: Field Methods in Ecology. This class may include students from multiple sections. (Elective)


ENGL& 101 and eligibility for MATH 99 required 

  1. Describe how knowledge of regional natural sciences is conveyed through several scientific and cultural/regional perspectives.  
  2. Develop a research question of interest and outline a method for answering that question.  Field research and internships are emphasized, however literature, arts and other humanities methods are also encouraged. 
  3. Create a capstone timeline that spans several academic quarters and culminates with a presentation of findings in a public setting.