CHEM& 110 : Chemical Concepts with Lab

Introduction to chemistry covering selected principles and their effect on ourselves and our environment. Intended for non-science majors wishing to improve their science literacy and develop a long-term interest in science. Includes online lab. (NS)


MATH 90/91 or higher; eligibility for ENGL& 101.

Course Outcomes

  1. Communication - Distinguish between opinions, interpretations, and solid evidence.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning - Apply quantitative methods to characterize the behavior of chemical systems. 
  3. Information - Identify and use appropriate reference materials to research a topic related to chemistry.
  4. Critical Thinking - Analyze data to explain chemical trends.
  5. Personal & Interpersonal - Synthesize course information and apply it to practical, everyday issues such as climate change, acid rain, air and water pollution, and limited resources on Planet Earth.