CHEM& 121 : Introduction to Chemistry

For individuals with little or no chemistry background. Atomic nature of matter, chemical bonding, periodic table, chemical reactions, phases of matter, solutions, equilibrium, reaction rates, and nuclear reactions. Includes laboratory. (NS)


MATH 098/099, MATH& 141, MATH& 142, OR MATH 151; eligibility for ENGL& 101.

Course Outcomes

  1. Define chemistry as a scientific study of matter and its impact on society and everyday life.
  2. Apply precision, accuracy, and safe lab practices in taking measurements in support of scientific observation.
  3. Develop problem-solving skills related to unit conversions and stoichiometric quantification of chemical reactions.
  4. Identify the relationship between the position of an element on the periodic table and its atomic structure and physical/chemical properties.
  5. Describe the structure and properties of matter based on ionic/covalent bonding and intermolecular forces.
  6. Explain the concept of dynamic equilibrium in order to describe reversible physical and chemical processes reactions.